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Do you have a strategic view of security?

Why is having a Security Strategy in place important ?

As security systems are evolving and the pace of technological advances ever increasing, having an integrated security strategy is vital in providing a clear security picture to all stakeholders. Previously many companies have taken a reactive approach to security and have implemented systems after a significant incident. This approach can cause problems with integration and interoperability and can add to control room confusion if additional management systems are required. Inevitably this leads to increased and unplanned costs. This is just one reason to implement a clear and robust security strategy.

Cost Savings Of Having a Strategy

Having a strategic picture of security systems ensures chosen technologies such as CCTV, Access Control and Intrusion Detection can be procurred in a controlled manner rather than as a reaction to an event. Cost savings can be achieved through collaboration with supply chains and through the sharing of resources. In addition further cost savings can be achieved through integration with Building Energy Systems and by utilising automation. The strategy plays a key role in gaining support and investment from senior management for site security systems in the short and long term.

Control Room Simplification

Integrated security solutions work together to increase situational awarness and provide real time alerts and prompts when incidents occur. This provides a powerful solution whereby individual systems communicate to each other and increase overall sitewide security. Control room simplification can be acheived by implementing a single management platform for all security devices. Through a single management platform control room operations can be made more efficient and incidents dealt with swiftly. The use of automation and analytics further assists security officers and can be setup to provide alerts based upon pre-defined parameters.

The LEO3 Scope

LEO3 were asked to carry out a strategic review of existing security and create a long term strategy for our client's integrated security system across their multi site estate. The existing security infrastructure was a combination of various systems utilising older technologies and in most cases no integration. This resulted in each system being managed independantly in the control room on seperate workstations. Simplification, integration, automation and utilising the latest technology was researched and a strategy created.

A Bit More Detail....

The team at LEO3 have extensive experience in designing and delivering integrated security solutions and utilising this experience and our knowledge of emerging technology we were able to create a comprehensive long term security strategy for our client.

We explored additional security systems to those that were currently deployed and provided an outline of available integration options ensuring a highly secure environment. Due to the rapid nature of technology advances a long term strategic view for systems delivery and integration was developed and consideration was given for technologies that are currently being developed and will be available imminently.

In many cases the new integrated systems will provide operational efficiencies and cost savings resulting in reduced operational resources and automated process compliance.

The integrated systems will simplify operations resulting in an increased situational awareness and a reduction in risks associated with missed alarms and events.

The introduction of the new integrated security systems will enable strategic workforce planning and more efficient resourcing through the use of automation.

The solutions, technologies and systems explored within the strategy were as follows:

  • Integrated Security Management - Monitoring System in the Control Room

  • IP CCTV Systems and Storage (including External/Internal Cameras, Thermal, ANPR, Body Worn)

  • Video Analytics and AI

  • Access Control

  • Perimeter Intrusion

  • Duct Security

  • People Counting

  • People and Package Scanners

  • Explosives Detection

  • Vehicle Solutions (Under Vehicle Scanning, ANPR, Barriers, Bollards)

  • Drones and Anti Drones

  • Robotics

  • Networks (Resilliant network connectivity)

Learn more about the technologies here

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