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CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems are now common place however there are a plethora of types, applications and monitoring solutions. LEO3 have delivered CCTV systems from basic 40 IP Camera Systems to complex 200+ multi site IP Camera Systems.

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • PTZ and Fixed Cameras

  • ATEX and EMC Compliant Cameras

  • Dedicated Storage and Management Systems

VMS overview.PNG

Video Analytics (VA)

Video Analytics is a powerful automation tool allowing the CCTV system to prompt operators and security personnel on intrusions. The VA software embedded within CCTV systems can automatically detect preset parameters. Contact the LEO3 team to discuss how Video Analytics can solve your current issues. Examples of VA parameters include:

  • Track Intruders

  • Left Luggage

  • Loitering

  • Falls

  • Unexpected Human Behaviours

  • Perimeter Intrusion

  • GEO Fencing

People Counting

Implementing smart Video Analytics to people count in varous scenrios is now possible. LEO3 have implemented people counting at Stations and On-Board Trains providing effective passenger flow control.

  • Increase people flow

  • Count people IN and OUT of controlled areas

  • Receive alerts when thresholds hit

Access Control

All public buildings and office spaces implement a level of access control. Access control systems are an excellent method of restricting access to sensitive areas. At LEO3 we are experts in delivering Access Control Systems and integrating with other Security Systems including CCTV. This allows the control room to view access violations and carry out the appropriate action. More recently LEO3 have designed and delivered a number of Access Control Systems  based upon biometrics.

  • Controlled Access

  • Integration with CCTV Systems

  • Biometric + Card Authentication

Vehicle Solutions

Detecting hidden objects within vehicles without disrupting traffic flows is an ever increasing challenge. LEO3 have developed a number of solutions to scan and monitor vehicles when approaching car parks, shopping areas and transport hubs. These include:

  • Digital Under Vehicle Scanners

  • ANPR Systems

  • Hand Held Explosive Detection

Drone and Anti Drone Technology

Drones are now more popular than ever and the use of drones now widespread. Drones can be utilised as part of a Security System providing aerial CCTV footage of incidents. They can also be utilised to carry out aerial surveys of vast areas.

Unathorised flying of drones in controlled airspace is a daily problem at airports, prisons and public events. LEO3 has access to the latest anti drone technology that can disable drones in mid-flight.

Technology and Solutions

LEO3 are at the forefront of Security and Telecom technology. Listed below is just a sample of some of the technologies we have delivered enabling customers to benefit from the latest solutions, realise cost savings and increase site security

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