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Bid Delivery

LEO3 have recently completed a successful bid on behalf of a client for an Integrated Security System to be delivered at a HV sub-station in Europe.

Outsourcing bid/tendering activities can sometimes seem complicated but with a clear understanding of requirements and responsibilities from the get go we can make the whole process simple.

On initial engagement with our client we quickly established the delivery requirements and engaged in regular meetings to discuss bid progress. Having an open and regular dialogue enabled client expectations to be managed, client input to be received and review meetings to be arranged in good time. Technical, Operational and Commercial reviews were carried out by the client organisation with input from LEO3 prior to the submission of the tender documentation.

Delivering integrated solutions for Critical National Infrastructure sites has its own unique set of requirements, accreditations and safety which were all taken into account as the bid/tender was compiled.

LEO3 were responsible for the creation and delivery of the following documentation:

  • Solution Design and Delivery Methodology

  • Compliancy Matrix

  • Costed Bill of Materials

  • Project Plan

As part of the deliverables LEO3 managed all supplier negotiations and RFP's.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Bid Services please contact the team on or call 02475 098640.

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